Welcome! As we continue into the second century of boy scouting in the United States of America, our thoughts reflect back on those who gave so much of themselves to make us the number one youth program in America.

The Endowment Fund of our council was created to help perpetuate our legacy for generations to come. Every year, the interest generated from these gifts is used to operate our camps and provide the many services necessary to help keep scouting vital in the five counties our council proudly serves. The gifts made to our endowment stay intact, forever. It is truly a way to make sure scouting is healthy for our grandchildren, and their grandchildren.

There are various ways to give to our endowment fund, which are described below. We appreciate your consideration of this wonderful way to be remembered, or to remember a person for their involvement in scouting, or to recognize a long-time leader.

 For more information about our Endowment Fund, and to make a gift, give us a call at 716.665.2697, or email us.

Memorial Tribute Fund

This recognition is made for a gift of any amount, and a special card is sent to the honoree, or next of kin, and the gift is put in our Council Endowment Fund. It can be done for a new Eagle Scout, a scouting anniversary, as a get-well wish, as a birthday present, or on the passing of a person who scouting meant a lot to. It can be used for many different occasions. All that is needed to be done is to forward a check to our service center with a note explaining your wishes, and it will be our honor to do the rest.

James E. West Fellowship

The James E. West Fellowship Award is a national recognition for individuals who contribute $1,000 or more in cash or securities to the council's endowment fund. Organizations or individuals may contribute for an award in honor of someone, or in memory of a departed loved one. It is also appropriate for honoring a Scoutmaster, Cubmaster or other leaders who have gone above and beyond the call of duty for so many years.

The James E. West Fellowship Award is an attractive 8-by-10-inch leather-bound certificate personalized with the name, date of gift, and council name. In addition, there is a distinctive lapel pin and an exclusive square knot for the uniform presented at an appropriate time. We also have a large James E. West plaque displayed at our service center with all of the recipients of this award. While it is a national recognition, the James E. West Fellowship Award is authorized and presented by the Local Council. The award named after the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America who exemplified Ralph Waldo Emerson's observation that "an institution is the lengthened shadow of one man." Scouting today is the "lengthened shadow" of more than three decades of the farseeing and dedicated leadership of Dr. James E. West.

Bronze James E. West Fellows

Curtis Bauer 1990 Gregory Juul 2005
David Carnahan 1990 Dale Carlson 2005
William Clark 1990 Troop 148 2005
John Dawson 1990 Shane Wilson 2005
William Evans 1990 John Wojciechowicz 2006
John Hamilton 1990 Matthew Souchik 2006
Robert Lorenz 1990 Brian Bullard 2006
Robert Schaumleffel 1990 John Gifford III 2006
Francis Weinaug 1990 Cliff Wood 2007
Dr Harold Childress 1993 Fay Wood 2007
John Anderson 1994 Father Greg Brennan 2007
Warren Benson 1994 Nancy McCloskey 2008
David Dawson 1994 Cynthia L. Kinne 2008
Claire Goodwin 1994 Maureen A. Mack 2008
Dr Don Grzankowski 1994 Kathleen Root 2008
Gerard Rocque 1994 Kelly A. Dawson 2008
Reginald Lenna 1995 Don Backer 2008
Tyler Swanson 1995 Dan Black 2009
Col Fred Banse-Fay 1996 Harold Bull 2009
William Cease 1996 Albert Olmstead 2009
Robert Fergus 1996 Herb Hern, Jr. 2009
Jane Kidder 1996 James C. Fincher 2009
Robert Kirk 1996 Edward Ahrens 2009
Linwood Wiley 1996 Mary Lou Sworts 2010
Errol Green 1997 Lynn Sworts 2010
Edward Schroeder 1997 Peter & Janet Radka 2010
Pauline Marlett 1998 Joseph J. Juul 2010
Leon Moshier 1998 Dan Pihlblad 2010
Robert Ellis 2000 HoNanNeHoOnt Lodge 2010
Gregory Souchik 2000 Timberland Realty 2010
Peter Sullivan 2000 Forecon, Inc. 2010
Robert Arnone 2001 Andy Cesarz 2010
Milton Deuink 2001 Steven Cybart 2011
Gary Porter 2001 Richard Bartell 2011
Jamestown Moose 2002 Richard Freer 2011
Martin Stull 2002 Stephen Stewart 2011
Travis Look 2002 Aaron M. Swanson 2012
Erick Laine 2003 Todd Peine 2012
Earl Johnson 2003 Wayne Schuver Jr. 2012
Barbara Edwards 2003 Jamboree Troop B342 2013
Ronald Johnson 2003 Bill Fraser 2014
Troop 145 2003 Jeremiah Moriarity 2014
Warren Semmel 2003 Woodbadge NE4-382-14 2015
Leo Welsh Sr 2004 Robert Ungerer 2015
Leo Welsh Sr 2004 Bill Briggs 2015
Henry Schroeder 2004 Paul & Betty Young 2016
Elk Lick Alumni 2004 Jamboree Troop 1235 2017

James E. West Higher Levels

The Elevated James E. West of the Allegheny Highlands Council is an honor bestowed for gifts of $5000 for Silver, $10,000 for Gold, and $15,000 for Diamond level to the council’s endowment fund. A beautiful plaque in honor of the James E. West Levels is displayed in the Scout Service Center with the honorees named, and a distinctive certificate and lapel pin is presented to the donor in recognition of this gift.

Silver Level
Herb Hern, Jr. 2013 Jim Fincher  2016
Ed Ahrens 2014 Paul & Betty Young  2016
Dan Pihlblad 2015
Bill Fraser 2017
Gold Level
Ed Ahrens 2015 Herb Hern, Jr. 2015
Diamond Level
Ed Ahrens 2014

Council Heritage Society

The Heritage Society of the Allegheny Highlands Council is an honor bestowed for gifts of $2,500 or more to the council’s endowment fund.  A James E. West Fellow is eligible for this recognition for a gift of the additional amount.  A beautiful plaque in honor of the Heritage Society members is displayed in the Scout Service Center with the honorees named, and a distinctive certificate and lapel pin is presented to the donor in recognition of this gift.

Allegheny Highlands Council Heritage Society

Alltel NY 1990 RR Gould Foundation 1996
John Anderson 1990 William Cease Estate 1996
Bush Industries 1990 Errol Green Estate 1997
Chase Lincoln 1990 Milton Deuink Estate 1998
Chautauqua & Erie Telephone 1990 David Carnahan 2001
Clarke Memorial Trust 1990 Curtis Bauer 2003
Community Foundation 1990 Greg Souchik 2005
Dresser Rand Company 1990 Ronald Johnson 2006
Hamlin Bank 1990 Brian Bullard 2006
Hultquist Foundation 1990 John Gifford III 2006
Jessie Darrah Fund 1990 Warren Benson 2011
Key Bank/WNY 1990 Stephen Stewart 2012
Reginald Lenna 1990 John Wojciechowicz 2012
Marion Kennedy Trust Fund 1990 Aaron M. Swanson 2012
MRC Aeospace 1990 Forecon Inc. 2012
Norstar Bank 1990 Timberland Realty 2012
Gerard Rocque 1990 Edward Ahrens 2012
Welch's Inc 1990 Herb Hern, Jr. 2012
Zippo Manufacturing 1990 Edward Schroeder 2013
Cummins Engine 1991 Dan Pihlblad 2014
Dr. Childress Estate 1993 Jim Fincher 2014
Carnahan-Jackson Foundation 1994 Bill Fraser 2015
Verland Danielson 1995 Paul & Betty Young 2016
MM Answering Service 1996

A Planned Gift to the Boy Scouts Makes Sense
Planned giving is the process of making a gift that requires some forethought.  Such planning usually takes the advise of a professional.
Our National Office has an informational website that explains planned giving, and is a good place to start to gather information. Click HERE to visit that site.

National Recognitions & Application
Click Here for an explanation of all National Endowment Recognitions and an application.

All assets received under this program are immediately deposited and administered under the Endowment Trust Agreement adopted by the Allegheny Highlands Council, Boy Scouts of America. The Endowment fund is professionally managed and restricted in order that the principal grows and any earned income is distributed annually to support programs of the Allegheny Highlands Council, Boy Scouts of America.